Badminton Ladder App for IPad

No More Pegs

Our Badminton Ladder App should be familiar to anyone managing a traditional badminton (or tennis) peg board ladder. The software brings the traditional ladder uptodate with new technology and makes the peg board obsolete.

The Badminton Ladder App can handle any number of players and up to 10 courts. You can start off with say 4 courts and add more as a session progresses. New players can be added at anytime. All registered players are displayed in the left hand column as a sorted list.

As players arrive at the session they are identified in the list and their names copied to the waiting list. As a court becomes free their names move from the list to the next free court.

When a game is over the winners are chosen and their names put back to the waiting list.

The Badminton Ladder App solves the problem of players constantly choosing to play with a select few, leaving others playing less games and a few left as next to choose. The App solves this problem by applying clever algorithms to the ordering of the waiting list to ensure that everyone has a chance to play at their own level and sometimes with better players. It also caters for "ladies" only games.

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